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this is amazingly well-rendered, i feel like i could grab toy chica and pose her, and look for a button of switch to activate her bitin...

Somehow, they look better than the models in the games. they are just so beautiful, and stunning. they do look... different, from the m...

nicely rendered, and it reminds me of a deserted collage near where i live. the two chica's look more like punk rockers than children's...

He looks like someone who guard's a nightclub, or a really masculine and intimidating German scientist. Being smart doesn't mean you ha...

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this is what i would do if i ran the sonic franchise. back-story: in the late cretaceous, a comet split earth and made a replica of it that traveled into another dimension. in this dimension, giant sea lizards called mosasaurs return to the land, developed godlike knowledge, and created a utopia. they often snook back to the original earth to steal d.n.a, as recourse's where scarce on their own world. sneaking to earth, they heard the world mosasaur was being used by humans for their ancestors, they misread it as mobosaurs, and subsequently named their planet mobius. on their laboratory planet, they mixed human and animal d.n.a, and created several humanoids to help them with chores. due to a small gene pool, the mobosaurs started to develop genetic defects, and cancer. so, they created a new hybrid who can rearrange genetic tissue, and cure these defects.(this may be naugus or mephiles.) at first, the hybrid was happy to oblige, but as time went on, it decided life outside itself was a disgusting and worthless folly, that should be purged from existence, and replaced with copies of himself. this hybrid managed to destroy the mobosaurs, but in the process, accidentally got trapped in a pocked universe. the other hybrids managed to escape, as did the wild animals descended from prehistoric fauna. the hybrids progeny lead to the modern sonic characters. meanwhile, on the original earth, resources where depleting. a beloved and infamous scientist known as gerald robotnik, had discovered a wormhole, unknown to him is that it would lead to mobius. gerald took his group of scientist's, and his terminally-ill grandaughter, maria, and aspiring teenage grandson, ivo. on board the space colony ark, they ventured to this unknown planet, the adventurous and spirited maria wanted to come as she was terminal, and might as well risk particle dispersal, if it meant she had a chance to see another dimension, and ivo, the arrogant narcissist, came along so he could brag about it in collage.

2. tails' extra tail is an absorbed evil twin, who's conscience resides in tails' psyche.

3.sonic is adopted by a common kingfisher called hask. his real mom is a god resembling a blue marlin, and his dad looks like a brown hedgehog. sonic did at first, but he later unlocked his mom's d.n.a with an experiment.

4. revive the concept of sonic and robotnik's former friendship, and then have them become enemies, because sonic and ivo's friendship clearly is abstract and it's typical that they are enemies.

5. sonic's dad is robotacized and made into metal sonic, just so i can poke fun at him telling sonic he is his father and sonic yelling noooo!!!!

6. speaking of star wars references, egg-robo will say 'it's a trap' at least five times an episode.

7.knuckles is sort of an aborigine, and tails is sort of an atheist, and the two have gentle argument's with each other. and neither really win's.

8.dinosaurs. dinosaurs f#~/(*ng everywhere.

9.big the cat eats mushrooms from mushroom hill zone and has visions of the future.

10. sonic is schmexy, cunning, has a sarcastic wit, isn't hyper active, but laid back, receptive, listens more than he talks, stylish, and actually smart. and has great comebacks, but he can stratergize on his own. granted he can still be arrogant, sometimes makes mistakes being too wrapped up in himself, and is a bit of a narcissist. but he is still selfless, lives to please others, and is very caring. but hates taking orders, and being told what to do.


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william james earnest lovell
United Kingdom
I draw stuff that i leik. I am a casual, old-fashioned pencil on paper artist. if you don't like my stuff, screw you. I make my own art, and that is that.





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